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Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 Wishes for 2012

Now most people call their "to do list" for the new year, New Year's Resolutions. I think this year i will call mine a wish list.

Because isn't that what we all end up saying anyway "I wish I would have kept that New Year's resolution"?

I figure, if I call it a wish list, its more realistic. A list of what I hope to accomplish in the year 2012.

1. Paint- Each room in the house needs a new coat of paint. My project for the next few months. Good bye prime time tv... my evenings will now consist of paint brush and blue tape!

2. Cook a new variety of meals. - I need some new ideas people! I'm getting bored.

3. Exercise more- winter has set in and the laziness has too! I need to walk or do something to keep that blood pumping.

4. Think positive- I've been working hard on this already. My hubby says thinking positive is the key to good results.

5. Clean out my closets- I REALLY need to do this and make some donations...

6. Dedicate more time to my Blog- I'm hoping to write a minimum of 4 post a week. ( hey this IS a wish list!)

7. Couponing- Imagine the money we can save if I just take the time to print the darn things!

8. Read more- I love to read, but lately by the time I get to reading, I too dang tired!

9. Date night-  I, well WE, need to set aside at least 2 nights a month for some "couple" time.

10. Relax a lil- see list above

11. Find a park nearby with swings for Baby K.

12. Continue to add to the savings account- we did well with this in 2011 and hope to keep it up

We have great things in store for 2012! keep your fingers crossed that all goes as planned :)


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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Remembering my Dad

With the holidays comes memories of my dad. Not just on holidays, but that's one of the times I miss him the most. (We lost him to a heart attack in 1992.)

Without giving up my true age, lets just say I was in my late teens when he died. I knew then that he was very proud to be my dad. I didn't get into much trouble, I was good in school, and I did as I was told (well mostly).

I think the day I missed him the most was my wedding day. I know he was there with me in spirit, no doubt. Maybe he was the one that kept me from tripping down the aisle..LOL!

When Baby K was born, I said a little prayer to him and told him to be her guardian angle and watch over her always. She smiled at me as I held her, so I think that meant he heard me :)

Seeing all of our family and not seeing some of those that are too stubborn to let the small stuff go, made me miss him. Seeing all the grandchildren that he never got to meet, and still a few that he did. I wondered how he would look letting them sit in his lap and reading them books or playing with all the new toys.

Family has meant more to me in the last 3 years than it ever has before. I hope my dad is smiling down on me from Heaven and is proud of the life I have today. I hope he sees Baby K and loves her just as I do, even if he can't be right here with her.

Please take the time to let the loved ones in your life know how much they mean to you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catching up

Wow, holidays have a way of spinning you around so fast you can't keep track of the days as they pass you by! For that, I apologize for being MIA. I feel the need to catch up...

Last week was a good week. Remember the annoying girl at work? ( I have shared, haven't I?) Well, anyways we had a meeting to straighten her, Oops I mean to straighten everything out with a few procedures around the office. The truth came out that she has been adding an additional step to the entire procedure just to make things easier on her end. The cat is out of the bag now and the boss ain't happy! I was pleased as pie. No words needed from this chica. I just smiled in glee. Its funny how things work out that way. Karma :)

The week ended with our drive to Maryland on Friday. After a complete panic attack of thinking we were not going to have room in the SUV for all the gifts, and suitcases, my hubby came to the rescue as usual and performed an out right miracle! There was no getting anything out of the back until we arrived there, but hey, he got it all to fit so that's what matters most!

Aside from staying up late 3 nights in a row and sleeping on an air mattress, we had the best time! Better than I actually expected, to be honest. I mean I have to admit I was a little upset at the fact that after driving 5 hours to my brothers house, he and his wife were going to her family's house all day on Christmas Eve and we basically had to fend for ourselves. All in all it worked out just fine. We got to spend some time with my mom's friends and had some awesome food!

Baby K got to spend some great quality time with her 2 cousins. They all had so much fun, and played so well together.

Baby K was so overwhelmed by all the gifts on Christmas. She was on over load for sure! Made me feel proud that we don't spoil her with new toys all the time. I am hoping this will teach her to appreciate and take care of her things.

We had a total of 15 people for Christmas dinner! My sis-n-law did an awesome time for her first family dinner!! I was impressed. It was all so yummy! Being together with family is what makes the holiday so special, we need to to that more often for sure.

Tuesday was back to reality, back to work. Now that my house is a wreck, I am ready for all the decorations and tree to come down so I can get things organized!!

Next week is Baby K's appointment for the EEG. I am a little nervous but expect they will find nothing out of the ordinary. She has been fine and showed no signs of any more seizures :)

I hope all of your Holidays were just as fun as ours!

Monday, December 19, 2011

These voices in my head...

Ok, so please tell me I am not alone.. I have mini conversations in my head.

Call me crazy... but I DO! I literally have conversations (multiple conversations) in my head. Well, Ok so its more like rambling sometimes, but sill. I think having a baby makes both your body & mind do crazy things. I mean we all have thoughts, right? Well, how many of you have actual conversations?

Like this morning, I arrived at work, and there is a co-worker whom I know talks bad about me when I am not around. (jealous much?) Anyway, she comes in and says "Hi" to me... and my brain goes crazy! "Why does SHE say HI like I am her best friend???" "Why does she even take the time to come down this hallway and speak to me? Does she think I don't know? Does she think I'm stupid??" "Maybe she thinks if she just acts normal, I wont know.." "You should just tell her one day ' You know, I know you don't like me.. you really don't have to say Hi to me" "Well what good would that do? its only going to feed the fire" "ok, fine let her say Hi to you and yo continue to get annoyed at her doing so...."

Or when I was wrapping presents last night, all I kept thinking about is how I really needed to mop my Kitchen floor... " ooh this is a pretty bow, I think I'll put it on here when I'm done.. Geezz I was hoping to have time to mop the floor today, the day just doesn't have enough hours. Maybe I can do it tomorrow night? Now, you know you are going to be too tired after going to the office, working 9 hrs, driving home, cooking dinner, bathing Baby K and cleaning up. Yeah you're right.. maybe Tuesday night. Wait, whats on tv Tuesday night? forget tv, that floor is getting grosser by the minute!"

Maybe that is why the dogs are always looking at me strange? Oh wow, I better stop having those conversations about how when they are dead and gone, we are NOT getting any more pets!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Liebster Award

I was so happy to receive this fun little award from SoCal Tess
Make sure you check her blog out, it is great!

Make sure you check her blog out, it is great!
The Liebster award ("Liebster" is the German word for friend or love) originated in Germany. The aim of the award is to bring attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

The Liebster award ("Liebster" is the German word for friend or love) originated in Germany. The aim of the award is to bring attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

I chose to pass this award onto these really great writers:

Consider following these blogs, they are awesome!These are the guidelines for accepting the award:
1. Show your Thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
3. Post the award on your blog
4. have fun and spread the Karma
5. Save the Leibster image to your computer and upload it to your blog

UPdate on Baby K

Just wanted to give a quick update on Baby K. We had our visit with the neurologist yesterday. (the appointment that I was almost late for, because I got lost-- stupid GPS!) The visit went well, however just to be 200% sure, they have scheduled both and EEG and an MRI for her next month. This is all just precautionary, and not due to anything they have found during her exams.

We are both nervous and anxious for this all to be over.

The first test, the EEG,.. we have to keep her up 2-3 hours later than normal the night before. Then, we have to wake her at 5am. ( In other words, Mom has to suffer too...) AND they ask not to let her fall asleep between 5am and her appointment time of 8:30 am. This could be tricky since its an hour and a half to get to the Children's Hospital and this kid falls asleep before we get out of our driveway on a normal day!

Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for us and keep Baby K in your prayers until we get all the results back.


Monday, December 5, 2011

20 more days.....

So here we are, December 5th, 20 more days until Christmas. Holly Cow!!

Its time for me to make one of my famous list! I think for motivational purposes, I'll call it "20 Things to do before Christmas"

  1. Finish shopping for gifts ( still have no clue for the hubby!)
  2. wrap presents already purchased (afraid of the avalanche awaiting in that closet!)
  3. Get Christmas tree
  4. decorate Christmas tree
  5. decorate inside the house
  6. finish the lights outside the house
  7. Go to my office Christmas party
  8. Go to hubby's Christmas party
  9. Get dogs rabies records for the Kennel
  10. bake cookies
  11. get stocking suffers
  12. make Christmas card list
  13. mail Christmas cards ( should this be higher on the list??)
  14. wrap presents ( the ones I haven't purchased yet)
  15. get suitcase down from the attic
  16. make list of what to pack for our trip ( headed to my brother's in Maryland)
  17. get oil changed in truck
  18. get the dogs to the kennel
  19. pack the car
  20. pick up mom

Hoping to accomplish at least one item each day...not necessarily in the order listed. Wish me luck!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

What a week!

Its been a long week. But, its been a good week.

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened to Baby K since Tuesday. Which is awesome! I took her to CHKD to see a children's cardiologist yesterday. The doctor said the physical exam was great and no signs of anything abnormal with her heart rate. They performed multiple test ( your welcome Blue Cross, Blue Shield, not looking forward to the balance of those bills), and still everything looks normal. (Yay!! dancing in my chair even still...)

Baby K was soooo good at the appointment. She sat real still during the exam. They did an EKG which she watched with her eyebrows dipped and lots of curiosity. She did not whimper once when they made her lay still while they did a sonogram of her heart and took 56 pictures. The nurses and the doctor were all complementing on how well she behaved and listened. I smiled the biggest smile and was such a proud momma!

The doctor wanted to be 100% sure he did not miss anything during the visit, so he hooked her up to a Holter Monitor. This is a 24 hr heart monitor that she went home with and monitored her heart rate. I had to keep a log of her activities during the 24hr period and the doctor will now read the results and see if there were any irregularities during this period.

Once again, Baby K was so good! She wore this contraption with multiple wires and a big ole ace bandage wrapped around her torso. ( She looked like a shoplifter, with this crazy looking bulge under her shirt when we stopped at the Walmart on our way home! haha) She never once tried to pick at it or pull it off and never complained about it at all! It was as if she didn't even notice it was there... which was strange since it was kind of bulky.

All I know is I have spent the last 4 and a half days with her and I don't even want to go back to work now! She is such a joy :) We giggled about nothing at all. We made funny faces in the mirror. We snacked on the sofa while watching Disney Jr.

We have to return the monitor to the doctor on Monday and should have the results with in 2 weeks.

Our next appointment is with the neurologist on the 12th.

I am still saying prayers that all is OK, even though I wish I had an explanation for what happened. Baby K seems to be just fine, but we will let the doctors confirm.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Facebook, we all use it. We post our pictures, we share good news, bad news, & even no news.  I have a Facebook page. I use mine as a way to share with people in my life the everyday things. What I did over the weekend, when I'm having a bad day, when I need advice. And yes, I use it for entertainment. I read the post of my numerous "friends". Some whom I haven't talked to in 20 years, and didn't really talk to much then.

So lets first talk about the friends list..I currently have 119 friends on my FB page. This is after I did some 'cleaning' and deleted some. ( by the way, did you know its like the kiss of death to get deleted from some one's FB page?) Now of these 119 people,  which according to most is a very short friends list, I would say its safe to say at least 50% of these 'friends' are people that I have  either gone to school with or worked with. None of these do I still hang out with or talk on the phone to. So, why, do you ask are they on my FB page?  I guess most likely because I am curious about what they are up to and they are just as curious to see what I am up to.

Family-- I am not completely convinced that having family on your FB page is the right thing to do if you are looking for 'drama free' post. I don't care who you are, we all have family members that will have something to say about the picture you posted, and they aren't leaving that comment on your page( or maybe they are!).  One family member is calling up another to tell what was posted. Sometimes family members even get mad at one another and "block" one another. (which basically is worse than just being deleted). You could be one of the lucky ones to have family that looks, but doesn't comment.

Co-workers- this is probably not a good idea to have co-workers on your page. Especially if you plan on trash mouthing the girl who sits next to you in the office. OR if you called in sick and later post a picture of you and your boyfriend trying on goofy hats at the mall.

Daily news- if you are looking for some good reading, FB is definitely a good place to go. You can find post from politicians and their 13yr affairs, to who's house is getting visited by the tooth fairy tonight.

Make sure you use Facebook wisely. Choose tasteful pictures, keep your personal business personal, & don't take things posted by those you know personally. And most importantly, don't tick any one off and get deleted!!!