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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life sometimes gets in the way...

Its been over a week since I have had time to post... just, you know, life.

Thanksgiving, things busy at work, preparing the house for guest, etc...

I sat down at my computer to write a post on Tuesday, and was going to make a promise to myself to write 1 blog each day for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, I got a phone call that turned my world upside down.

My phone rang at 2:07pm. It was Baby K's sitter. Now our normal day consist of texting each other with the normal, "she ate really good today", or " no poop yet". Getting an actual phone call was out of the ordinary for sure.

"You need to come and get the baby.... somethings wrong. She was fine and then she fell over  and when I picked her up her eyes rolled back in her head..... ..."( my husband an I who were both working from home, are now in the car headed there).

"She was turning purple and she wasn't breathing... ( I am now numb and I can't hear anything but those word spinning in my head).

But I hear Baby K cry out.. not a loud cry, but still, there was a sound.

We arrived at the sitter's house and find both the sitter and Baby K laying on the floor. She was comforting her. My heart dropped. My baby. My precious baby. She was looking, but it was like she couldn't see me. Just a blank stare. She didn't reach out for me. Or call me "momma". I picked her gently up and she was almost limp. It broke my heart.

More details from the sitter as we left to take her to get checked out. No signs of anything wrong before it happened. No fever. No fall. Nothing in her mouth to choke on.   She was fine.  And then, suddenly she wasn't.

I hold back my tears so not to upset Baby K. She still staring at me, but now seems to have gotten her muscle control back. She isn't crying as I place her gently in the car seat. But she isn't smiling. She is still blank. I jump in the back seat with her.

I try desperately to get her to say something. "Where's daddy?" " Can you say Daddy?" " Say Hi Momma!", " Do you want to go Bye bye?" Still no words escape her lips.

Now I am truly scared.

Come on baby, I pray. Talk to momma. Show me you are OK. Please, PLEASE, please be ok.

And then she points to the font of the truck and says "My dad-dee" And my heart melts. And I see my husband and his relief in his face through the review mirror. 

After about 20 minutes, Baby K had bounced back to that beautiful, smart, charming little angel we were so desperately missing.

The doctor who examined her said it was most likely an 'A' typical seizure or possibly that she passed out. He detected a slight arithmia in her heart, but wasn't 100% sure. He is covering all bases and sending Baby K to see both a cardiologist and a neurologist to have a few test done.

I am both relieved that she seems fine and scared for why this happened. I guess now we just wait and see what the specialist say. I will be sure to keep this updated.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Days like today....

Its days like today that I hate being a working mom. L

Baby K has molars coming in and poor baby is so uncomfortable. It started last night at bedtime. She is usually really good and lays down, self sooths herself to sleep. But last night, she wanted no part of that.

She was crying. I mean crying, not “I don’t wana go to bed Daddy crying”, but “…please don’t leave me” and “I want you to hold me till I fall asleep crying”.

This doesn’t happen very often (thank goodness!). So when it does, my hubby and I are very weak. We give in after almost no fight.

Now my hubby has a gift for rocking Baby K to sleep in the Lazy Boy recliner. (A gift that has this Mom a little jealous I admit).  Don’t get me wrong, Baby K loves her momma too. And I can walk the floors with her and she will snuggle on my shoulder, and go right off into “la la land”. But she will not go to sleep in that Lazy Boy with me. I don’t understand it (maybe hubby put a curse on it..?).

Any way, she had her daddy rocking her to sleep last night. And when I went in to check on them, I found them both asleep. Which I expected.

All thru the night Baby K woke up whining and restless with those teeth trying desperately to break thru.

At 4:00 am (only minutes before my alarm for work goes off), Baby K woke up crying. I cuddled with her, and walked up and down the hallway with her little head nestled on my shoulder and hand clenched to my nightgown. Me wanting desperately to sit in that Lazy Boy and give my back a rest, but knowing that was never going to happen.

After a dose of Tylenol and about 30 minutes of pacing, she was loosening her grip on me and snoring…

I laid her down in her crib and sighed at the thought that I had to get ready for work.

These are the days I hate being a working mom.

I think I need to play the lottery today.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hey Neighbor!

Is it too much to ask to have friendly neighbors? And I don't mean come over for coffee neighbors ( although that would be nice too..), I just mean a neighbor that will wave or speak when you are in sight. It's not abnormal to go arrive home and see my neighbors next door out in their driveway or front yard, and stare them down awaiting eye contact so I can send a wave of hello, only to have them continue on as if they do not see me.

Ok, fine you didn't see me,  or hear my car, but I know you hear my kid screaming to get out. or better yet, you see her running in your yard and then me running after her...but nope, no wave, no glance, nada.

Ok so lets back up,,, these neighbors moved in the weekend Baby K was born. We got home from the hospital and had new neighbors. My hubby, the social butterfly that he is, went over and said hi and introduced himself. He came back and reported their names and what they do for a living. Over the past year, we have been neighbors. That's it. We just live next door to each other.

It aggravates the heck outta me!

My hubby pays it no mind.

I don't know what the big deal is, I mean I am not looking to be best friends or anything, I just think its insane that they don't say hello.

I keep telling my hubby I'm going to start being obnoxious and just yell out "HEY NEIGHBOR!!"  and be a little extra annoying  , just for giggles of course...

Maybe I just got spoiled with the previous owners of the house.. they were always running over to say hello or coming to the back fence to meet the dogs...

I guess it could be worse, they are clean, neat, and don't make too much noise ( except when they fight and call the cops on themselves, though that was just once...).

I guess I'll just keep dreaming of the neighbors I want... and until then, its gona be "HEY NEIGHBOR!"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Giving Thanks

So with Thanksgiving coming up next week, I am feeling a little sentimental at all the things I have to be thankful for. In the past, Thanksgiving was just a day to eat all day (preferably at moms so I'm not too busy to eat..), however holidays take a whole new meaning when you have a child. It becomes important to get the message across that its a special day.

Last year, Thanksgiving was just another gathering of family at mom's house to show off Baby K. After all, she was only just shy of 3 months...

For me, it was a chance to get to eat a hot meal while someone else looked after the baby! ( you know how impossible that is when you have a new baby)

This year, I feel.... THANKFUL   

 I'm thankful that God gave us a beautiful gift of a precious little girl who has brightened my world.

I'm thankful to have a job in this crazy world where our unemployment rate is a whopping 9.1%. ( I may have lots of days that I complain about my job, but still thankful to have one...)

I'm thankful to have food in the fridge. ( which reminds me, that fridge needs a good cleaning)

I'm thankful for being in good health. ( I need to stay that way, I've got my daughters wedding to plan in ooh.. lets say 25 years?)

I'm thankful for my hubby and his quiting smoking regular cigarettes and now using an electronic cigarette.

I'm Very thankful for having a Happy, Healthy baby. ( happy is just as important as healthy)

I'm thankful to have a partner, a best friend, and a supportive husband who stands behind me no matter what.

I'm thankful to have my mom close to me. ( close in distance and close to my heart)

I'm thankful to have my in-laws back in our lives and to share Baby K with them.

I'm thankful for all of the wonderful changes that have happened  in my life and so many more to come :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm not old

Remember when you were 16 and 25 was old?

And remember when you were 18, hoping you could pass for 21?

Next thing you know, you are dreading the day you are no longer 29...

Growing up, people always thought I was older than I was. Mostly because I was tall. I have been 6ft tall (well 5ft, 11.75in to be exact), since I was in the eight grade. Yeah, talk about awkward.

I never really worried too much about age. I guess because I always looked old enough to do the things I wanted. As I entered my thirties, I began to worry...

I wondered if I looked my age? looked younger? or (gulp) looked older?

I remember even thinking that I was too old to have kids. ( glad I gave up that stupid theory)

If any thing, having a baby at age 37 makes you feel 21 again ! Well, that may be because most of the new moms in your child birthing class were around 21. Or all the people you see at the doctors office are in their twenties....

Whatever the reason, having Baby K made me feel young all over again ( not that I'm old).

It was and is, the sleepless nights that may make me look not-so-young some days.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but lately I have been noticing those "aging signs".

1. gray hairs appearing.. not just one stray one. multiple gray hairs!! (time for some highlights!)

2. crows feet- this could be because I smile at least 1000 times a day now since having Baby K, in this case, its worth it.

3. old lady legs- I use to have sexy legs... now they have spider veins and my knee caps get ashy after a day with out lotion

4. I am asleep on the couch by 10:00pm. ( ok so this has always been me, even at 21!)

5. grouchy- I cant stand to be in the grocery store when its crowded. No particular reason, I just get grouchy and no one will move out of my way.

6. memory loss-   I fill the washer, and load up the soap etc... and never remember to push start

7. Blind as a bat- I have the font on my computer set to LARGE...And,, I wear contacts!

8. flannel PJs to bed- I got them for Christmas last year, and they are warm

9. clipping coupons for dinner out- Hey those Ruby Tuesday ones are great!

I even counted up in my head today...when baby K graduates, I will be 56. I wonder how she will feel to have a mom that is  older than her friend's mom? Well.... I keep telling my hubby "you're only as old as you feel"...

I'm thinking maybe if I keep doing those goofy dances, and play dress up, and singing silly songs, then I will feel as young as I possibly can!

Now I just need to remember to return to "adult" when I am in public, haha! I caught myself singing the Mickey Mouse clubhouse song out loud in Food Lion the other day....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Capital "A" for Attitude!

Is it possible for a child who is only 14 months old to have attitude?? I swear, Baby K, its a good thing you crack me up with your cuteness.

I don't know what has gotten into her, but she is going thru this 'phase' ( at least I hope its just a phase...). She will go to touch something, and know good and well that momma and daddy have told her a million times "ahh ahh", or "No, no.. don't touch",..... and with those beautiful blue eyes, she will look at me as if to say "watch me touch this".

And then.. to top it off, when I take what ever forbidden object from her, she will swat at me! As if to say, "if I can't touch it, neither can you!"

We are working on this in our house. I've heard advise such as- " just ignore it and she will stop doing it." So I tried this. My results?? still waiting for her to stop. But, I will say she doesn't do it all the time.

My mother, and hubby, suggest a light tap on the hand to show her she is wrong. I have a hard time with this one... I mean how can I teach her to stop hitting me, or I will hit her?? She's pretty smart too. So either she doesn't get that this is discipline, or.. its a game and we just keep hitting each other.

Yesterday, my sweet Baby K took things to a whole new level. I was scolding her for stepping on her books, and telling her its not nice to treat books this way (with my scowl face & serious voice). And even though I don't speak baby babble, I swear she was talking back to me! She had the fore head wrinkle and the finger pointing, the whole nine yards! I couldn't help but chuckle....

Then I started thinking about how babies mimic what they see.. and I thought OMG is that how I look to her when I am telling her not to do something?? and so I had to chuckle some more....

Her personality is really coming out now. Everyday with her is so much fun.

I think this ATTITUDE is a test for us.

To see how far she can get...

Not far Baby K, I am on to you :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Calgon Take me away...............

Ok so, I'm having one of those days.. you know the ones that make you feel like you are running in place and getting no where fast?

Call it PMS if you like ( my hubby does), but I am just stressed, frazzled, mad, sad, frustrated and irritated.. ALL at the same time!!! I don't really know why either.

well, it could be the things I have to get done for work, the laundry and cleaning that need to be done, or  the fact that I still have no idea what I'm making for dinner.
Maybe its that Christmas is in 7 weeks and 3 days and I have only bought 2 tiny things.?
OR  that Thanksgiving, which is at our house this year, is fast approaching and I have no plans in place for dinner. 
Maybe its that I have been thinking of going back to school and can't imagine how in the H#!* I am going to be able to juggle that.

What ever it is, I am ready for this day to be over with!

Maybe I need to just deal with things one at a time.. make a list ( I make list for EVERYthing).
I don't know what it is but making list not only helps  me get things done, it also clams me. ( I know I'm weird)

So I guess I'll start my list with Thanksgiving Dinner:

  1. Turkey (duh, cant have Thanksgiving with out this!)
  2. mashed potatoes
  3. yams (with marshmallows of course!)
  4. Green bean casserole
  5. deviled eggs
  6. cranberry sauce ( no one eats this except my mom, yuck! but it looks nice on the table)
  7. dinner rolls
  8. pumpkin pie ( I hate it, but its traditional)
  9. apple pie ( my fav )
  10. gravy ( Oh my gosh, I almost forgot the gravy!!)

ok now I'm hungry.

Based on the list above, I need to go shopping.

Speaking of shopping.. I guess I need to move on to the Christmas list.

People  I need to shop for:

  1. Baby K ( of course!)
  2. hubby (I have no clue what to get him)
  3. my mom
  4. my sister n law (we draw names in our family for the adults and my husband got her)
  5. my brother n law ( I got him in the drawing)
  6. My Niece age 3 ( Tinkerbell anything)
  7. my niece age 9 months (something she can chew on)
  8. my sister ( her birthday is Christmas eve)
  9. my babysitter ( and her 5 kids, yes I said 5)
  10. My step daughter from my ex-boyfriend long ago ( long and complicated but we still are in contact)
  11. my nephews in TX

Ok, I know I said usually making a list helps calm me.....

but right now, I am overwhelmed but what is listed on the 2 list above!! And I haven't even unloaded the dryer yet!!!

Maybe later, after dinner ( still have no idea what that is), and after Baby K has had her bath and read to and is down for bed. After I clean the kitchen from what ever it is I make for dinner. And after I get the diaper bag ready for Baby K for tomorrow. And,.. after I get a shower.....

IF I am not too tired.

maybe, just maybe...

I will pour myself a glass of wine and relax a little.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating was a sucess!

Our first experience with Trick or Treat was last night and OMG I think I had as much fun as she did! I was so excited all day long at work, I even left work early! I raced over to pick her up from the sitter.. got her home and fed, then we were dressed and ready to go!! ( mommy was a little too excited because we were ready to go, and ... it was still too early! :) Baby K didn't seem to mind. She actually enjoyed walking around in her adorable bunny costume.

I have to admit, I loved seeing her walk around in it too!! I mean look at her cuteness!!! OMG I couldn't stop smiling!

She did start to get antsy ( or maybe that was me?), so we headed over to gramma's house for our first candy treat. Gramma was delighted to see her. ( Can you blame her?)  She loaded up her pumpkin bucket too! ( Thanks gramma **wink) Baby K was so excited to see "treats"! So grabbed a Reese's peanut butter cup and took off running. Every time I tried to grab it she grunted with disapproval! ( boy she caught on quick!) 

 So from there we headed back to our neck of the woods.

We were sad to see that our block only had about 3 houses lit up. We have a few kids in our neighborhood, so where the heck were they?? Our street definitely looked a ghost town. We drove across the street to the other section of our neighborhood.

We turned the corner to see hundreds, I am not exaggerating, hundreds of kids and parents walking in costume. Strollers, wagons, hayrides. the whole nine yards! This was definitely the place to be!

So we found the spot where all the parents were parking and parked the truck and got out our stroller and began to trick or treat!

Baby K only went to a hand full of doors but she had so much fun. She enjoyed seeing all the other kids dressed up too. She kept giggling every time one passed her. I enjoyed the comments for Baby K as well. She got too many "Awwws" to count!

The night was getting cooler and so it was time to call it a night. We headed home where I let Baby K feast on a lollipop . After we were both sticky, it was time for a bath. It took her a little while to settle down from all the sugar and excitement, but once she did, she was out like a light .