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Monday, December 19, 2011

These voices in my head...

Ok, so please tell me I am not alone.. I have mini conversations in my head.

Call me crazy... but I DO! I literally have conversations (multiple conversations) in my head. Well, Ok so its more like rambling sometimes, but sill. I think having a baby makes both your body & mind do crazy things. I mean we all have thoughts, right? Well, how many of you have actual conversations?

Like this morning, I arrived at work, and there is a co-worker whom I know talks bad about me when I am not around. (jealous much?) Anyway, she comes in and says "Hi" to me... and my brain goes crazy! "Why does SHE say HI like I am her best friend???" "Why does she even take the time to come down this hallway and speak to me? Does she think I don't know? Does she think I'm stupid??" "Maybe she thinks if she just acts normal, I wont know.." "You should just tell her one day ' You know, I know you don't like me.. you really don't have to say Hi to me" "Well what good would that do? its only going to feed the fire" "ok, fine let her say Hi to you and yo continue to get annoyed at her doing so...."

Or when I was wrapping presents last night, all I kept thinking about is how I really needed to mop my Kitchen floor... " ooh this is a pretty bow, I think I'll put it on here when I'm done.. Geezz I was hoping to have time to mop the floor today, the day just doesn't have enough hours. Maybe I can do it tomorrow night? Now, you know you are going to be too tired after going to the office, working 9 hrs, driving home, cooking dinner, bathing Baby K and cleaning up. Yeah you're right.. maybe Tuesday night. Wait, whats on tv Tuesday night? forget tv, that floor is getting grosser by the minute!"

Maybe that is why the dogs are always looking at me strange? Oh wow, I better stop having those conversations about how when they are dead and gone, we are NOT getting any more pets!

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  1. LOL! Rest assured, you're not the only one. :) I totally have those days (so what if they're Monday through Sunday) too.


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