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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Remembering my Dad

With the holidays comes memories of my dad. Not just on holidays, but that's one of the times I miss him the most. (We lost him to a heart attack in 1992.)

Without giving up my true age, lets just say I was in my late teens when he died. I knew then that he was very proud to be my dad. I didn't get into much trouble, I was good in school, and I did as I was told (well mostly).

I think the day I missed him the most was my wedding day. I know he was there with me in spirit, no doubt. Maybe he was the one that kept me from tripping down the aisle..LOL!

When Baby K was born, I said a little prayer to him and told him to be her guardian angle and watch over her always. She smiled at me as I held her, so I think that meant he heard me :)

Seeing all of our family and not seeing some of those that are too stubborn to let the small stuff go, made me miss him. Seeing all the grandchildren that he never got to meet, and still a few that he did. I wondered how he would look letting them sit in his lap and reading them books or playing with all the new toys.

Family has meant more to me in the last 3 years than it ever has before. I hope my dad is smiling down on me from Heaven and is proud of the life I have today. I hope he sees Baby K and loves her just as I do, even if he can't be right here with her.

Please take the time to let the loved ones in your life know how much they mean to you.

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