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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catch up time!! O-M-G sorry it took so long>>>>

so.. for those of you who use to tell me "who has time to blog??" .. I totally get that now...

well, now that it has been, umm let me see.. 3 months (or more), since my last post..

so here is the quick version of my catch up...

March - we decided to put our house up for rent, since the market went south (again, STILL??) And we were lucky enough to find renters!! We also found a house in Raleigh, NC :) yay 2 major points checked off my list!! (yes I still make list)

April- I got a new job!! Not only a new job, but a job working for the same company as my hubby, his dad AND my brother n law! We moved in April 6th and I started my training on April 12th.

We found an awesome daycare for Baby K and so lucky to have it on our way yo work in the morning! She is getting so big.. TOO fast. Her learning and language skills have really progress with going to "school". She is really liking it.

So this is all I have time for today.. but I will be (trying to) Keep up to date...