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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catching up

Wow, holidays have a way of spinning you around so fast you can't keep track of the days as they pass you by! For that, I apologize for being MIA. I feel the need to catch up...

Last week was a good week. Remember the annoying girl at work? ( I have shared, haven't I?) Well, anyways we had a meeting to straighten her, Oops I mean to straighten everything out with a few procedures around the office. The truth came out that she has been adding an additional step to the entire procedure just to make things easier on her end. The cat is out of the bag now and the boss ain't happy! I was pleased as pie. No words needed from this chica. I just smiled in glee. Its funny how things work out that way. Karma :)

The week ended with our drive to Maryland on Friday. After a complete panic attack of thinking we were not going to have room in the SUV for all the gifts, and suitcases, my hubby came to the rescue as usual and performed an out right miracle! There was no getting anything out of the back until we arrived there, but hey, he got it all to fit so that's what matters most!

Aside from staying up late 3 nights in a row and sleeping on an air mattress, we had the best time! Better than I actually expected, to be honest. I mean I have to admit I was a little upset at the fact that after driving 5 hours to my brothers house, he and his wife were going to her family's house all day on Christmas Eve and we basically had to fend for ourselves. All in all it worked out just fine. We got to spend some time with my mom's friends and had some awesome food!

Baby K got to spend some great quality time with her 2 cousins. They all had so much fun, and played so well together.

Baby K was so overwhelmed by all the gifts on Christmas. She was on over load for sure! Made me feel proud that we don't spoil her with new toys all the time. I am hoping this will teach her to appreciate and take care of her things.

We had a total of 15 people for Christmas dinner! My sis-n-law did an awesome time for her first family dinner!! I was impressed. It was all so yummy! Being together with family is what makes the holiday so special, we need to to that more often for sure.

Tuesday was back to reality, back to work. Now that my house is a wreck, I am ready for all the decorations and tree to come down so I can get things organized!!

Next week is Baby K's appointment for the EEG. I am a little nervous but expect they will find nothing out of the ordinary. She has been fine and showed no signs of any more seizures :)

I hope all of your Holidays were just as fun as ours!

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