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Friday, December 2, 2011

What a week!

Its been a long week. But, its been a good week.

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened to Baby K since Tuesday. Which is awesome! I took her to CHKD to see a children's cardiologist yesterday. The doctor said the physical exam was great and no signs of anything abnormal with her heart rate. They performed multiple test ( your welcome Blue Cross, Blue Shield, not looking forward to the balance of those bills), and still everything looks normal. (Yay!! dancing in my chair even still...)

Baby K was soooo good at the appointment. She sat real still during the exam. They did an EKG which she watched with her eyebrows dipped and lots of curiosity. She did not whimper once when they made her lay still while they did a sonogram of her heart and took 56 pictures. The nurses and the doctor were all complementing on how well she behaved and listened. I smiled the biggest smile and was such a proud momma!

The doctor wanted to be 100% sure he did not miss anything during the visit, so he hooked her up to a Holter Monitor. This is a 24 hr heart monitor that she went home with and monitored her heart rate. I had to keep a log of her activities during the 24hr period and the doctor will now read the results and see if there were any irregularities during this period.

Once again, Baby K was so good! She wore this contraption with multiple wires and a big ole ace bandage wrapped around her torso. ( She looked like a shoplifter, with this crazy looking bulge under her shirt when we stopped at the Walmart on our way home! haha) She never once tried to pick at it or pull it off and never complained about it at all! It was as if she didn't even notice it was there... which was strange since it was kind of bulky.

All I know is I have spent the last 4 and a half days with her and I don't even want to go back to work now! She is such a joy :) We giggled about nothing at all. We made funny faces in the mirror. We snacked on the sofa while watching Disney Jr.

We have to return the monitor to the doctor on Monday and should have the results with in 2 weeks.

Our next appointment is with the neurologist on the 12th.

I am still saying prayers that all is OK, even though I wish I had an explanation for what happened. Baby K seems to be just fine, but we will let the doctors confirm.

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