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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Facebook, we all use it. We post our pictures, we share good news, bad news, & even no news.  I have a Facebook page. I use mine as a way to share with people in my life the everyday things. What I did over the weekend, when I'm having a bad day, when I need advice. And yes, I use it for entertainment. I read the post of my numerous "friends". Some whom I haven't talked to in 20 years, and didn't really talk to much then.

So lets first talk about the friends list..I currently have 119 friends on my FB page. This is after I did some 'cleaning' and deleted some. ( by the way, did you know its like the kiss of death to get deleted from some one's FB page?) Now of these 119 people,  which according to most is a very short friends list, I would say its safe to say at least 50% of these 'friends' are people that I have  either gone to school with or worked with. None of these do I still hang out with or talk on the phone to. So, why, do you ask are they on my FB page?  I guess most likely because I am curious about what they are up to and they are just as curious to see what I am up to.

Family-- I am not completely convinced that having family on your FB page is the right thing to do if you are looking for 'drama free' post. I don't care who you are, we all have family members that will have something to say about the picture you posted, and they aren't leaving that comment on your page( or maybe they are!).  One family member is calling up another to tell what was posted. Sometimes family members even get mad at one another and "block" one another. (which basically is worse than just being deleted). You could be one of the lucky ones to have family that looks, but doesn't comment.

Co-workers- this is probably not a good idea to have co-workers on your page. Especially if you plan on trash mouthing the girl who sits next to you in the office. OR if you called in sick and later post a picture of you and your boyfriend trying on goofy hats at the mall.

Daily news- if you are looking for some good reading, FB is definitely a good place to go. You can find post from politicians and their 13yr affairs, to who's house is getting visited by the tooth fairy tonight.

Make sure you use Facebook wisely. Choose tasteful pictures, keep your personal business personal, & don't take things posted by those you know personally. And most importantly, don't tick any one off and get deleted!!!

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