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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UPdate on Baby K

Just wanted to give a quick update on Baby K. We had our visit with the neurologist yesterday. (the appointment that I was almost late for, because I got lost-- stupid GPS!) The visit went well, however just to be 200% sure, they have scheduled both and EEG and an MRI for her next month. This is all just precautionary, and not due to anything they have found during her exams.

We are both nervous and anxious for this all to be over.

The first test, the EEG,.. we have to keep her up 2-3 hours later than normal the night before. Then, we have to wake her at 5am. ( In other words, Mom has to suffer too...) AND they ask not to let her fall asleep between 5am and her appointment time of 8:30 am. This could be tricky since its an hour and a half to get to the Children's Hospital and this kid falls asleep before we get out of our driveway on a normal day!

Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for us and keep Baby K in your prayers until we get all the results back.


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