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Monday, December 5, 2011

20 more days.....

So here we are, December 5th, 20 more days until Christmas. Holly Cow!!

Its time for me to make one of my famous list! I think for motivational purposes, I'll call it "20 Things to do before Christmas"

  1. Finish shopping for gifts ( still have no clue for the hubby!)
  2. wrap presents already purchased (afraid of the avalanche awaiting in that closet!)
  3. Get Christmas tree
  4. decorate Christmas tree
  5. decorate inside the house
  6. finish the lights outside the house
  7. Go to my office Christmas party
  8. Go to hubby's Christmas party
  9. Get dogs rabies records for the Kennel
  10. bake cookies
  11. get stocking suffers
  12. make Christmas card list
  13. mail Christmas cards ( should this be higher on the list??)
  14. wrap presents ( the ones I haven't purchased yet)
  15. get suitcase down from the attic
  16. make list of what to pack for our trip ( headed to my brother's in Maryland)
  17. get oil changed in truck
  18. get the dogs to the kennel
  19. pack the car
  20. pick up mom

Hoping to accomplish at least one item each day...not necessarily in the order listed. Wish me luck!!!

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