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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life sometimes gets in the way...

Its been over a week since I have had time to post... just, you know, life.

Thanksgiving, things busy at work, preparing the house for guest, etc...

I sat down at my computer to write a post on Tuesday, and was going to make a promise to myself to write 1 blog each day for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, I got a phone call that turned my world upside down.

My phone rang at 2:07pm. It was Baby K's sitter. Now our normal day consist of texting each other with the normal, "she ate really good today", or " no poop yet". Getting an actual phone call was out of the ordinary for sure.

"You need to come and get the baby.... somethings wrong. She was fine and then she fell over  and when I picked her up her eyes rolled back in her head..... ..."( my husband an I who were both working from home, are now in the car headed there).

"She was turning purple and she wasn't breathing... ( I am now numb and I can't hear anything but those word spinning in my head).

But I hear Baby K cry out.. not a loud cry, but still, there was a sound.

We arrived at the sitter's house and find both the sitter and Baby K laying on the floor. She was comforting her. My heart dropped. My baby. My precious baby. She was looking, but it was like she couldn't see me. Just a blank stare. She didn't reach out for me. Or call me "momma". I picked her gently up and she was almost limp. It broke my heart.

More details from the sitter as we left to take her to get checked out. No signs of anything wrong before it happened. No fever. No fall. Nothing in her mouth to choke on.   She was fine.  And then, suddenly she wasn't.

I hold back my tears so not to upset Baby K. She still staring at me, but now seems to have gotten her muscle control back. She isn't crying as I place her gently in the car seat. But she isn't smiling. She is still blank. I jump in the back seat with her.

I try desperately to get her to say something. "Where's daddy?" " Can you say Daddy?" " Say Hi Momma!", " Do you want to go Bye bye?" Still no words escape her lips.

Now I am truly scared.

Come on baby, I pray. Talk to momma. Show me you are OK. Please, PLEASE, please be ok.

And then she points to the font of the truck and says "My dad-dee" And my heart melts. And I see my husband and his relief in his face through the review mirror. 

After about 20 minutes, Baby K had bounced back to that beautiful, smart, charming little angel we were so desperately missing.

The doctor who examined her said it was most likely an 'A' typical seizure or possibly that she passed out. He detected a slight arithmia in her heart, but wasn't 100% sure. He is covering all bases and sending Baby K to see both a cardiologist and a neurologist to have a few test done.

I am both relieved that she seems fine and scared for why this happened. I guess now we just wait and see what the specialist say. I will be sure to keep this updated.


  1. How scary. I will be praying for her and you for sure.

  2. We are praying!!! Keep us posted! Love and hugs! Grandma


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