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Friday, November 18, 2011

Days like today....

Its days like today that I hate being a working mom. L

Baby K has molars coming in and poor baby is so uncomfortable. It started last night at bedtime. She is usually really good and lays down, self sooths herself to sleep. But last night, she wanted no part of that.

She was crying. I mean crying, not “I don’t wana go to bed Daddy crying”, but “…please don’t leave me” and “I want you to hold me till I fall asleep crying”.

This doesn’t happen very often (thank goodness!). So when it does, my hubby and I are very weak. We give in after almost no fight.

Now my hubby has a gift for rocking Baby K to sleep in the Lazy Boy recliner. (A gift that has this Mom a little jealous I admit).  Don’t get me wrong, Baby K loves her momma too. And I can walk the floors with her and she will snuggle on my shoulder, and go right off into “la la land”. But she will not go to sleep in that Lazy Boy with me. I don’t understand it (maybe hubby put a curse on it..?).

Any way, she had her daddy rocking her to sleep last night. And when I went in to check on them, I found them both asleep. Which I expected.

All thru the night Baby K woke up whining and restless with those teeth trying desperately to break thru.

At 4:00 am (only minutes before my alarm for work goes off), Baby K woke up crying. I cuddled with her, and walked up and down the hallway with her little head nestled on my shoulder and hand clenched to my nightgown. Me wanting desperately to sit in that Lazy Boy and give my back a rest, but knowing that was never going to happen.

After a dose of Tylenol and about 30 minutes of pacing, she was loosening her grip on me and snoring…

I laid her down in her crib and sighed at the thought that I had to get ready for work.

These are the days I hate being a working mom.

I think I need to play the lottery today.

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