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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sick baby + sick hubby= tired mommy!

Ok so I haven't had much time to get on my 'puter' lately.. Baby K has been sick since Saturday. Poor thing, cutting her molars early, and an added stuffy nose, slight fever, diareah and cough :( I took off work on Monday to take her to the pediatrician.
Diagnoses; "Viral infection" - keep giving her extra fluids, and make sure she gets plenty of rest. How much did she get paid to tell me that I wonder? My worry was that she had an ear infection, so when I was told her ears looked good, I gladly paid my $20 copay and headed back home.

On a positive note, I got to spend 4 long, uninterrupted days with my baby girl! She is growing and learning and I had a hard time not smiling 99% of the time. Even having trouble breathing from her nose, she still continued to laugh at her bunny, and dance at all the jingles from the commercials on tv. I got to cash in on lots of extra kisses and hugs too! ( so I'm prob going to be having these same symptoms any day now...)

Daddy came down with all of the above symptoms on day 2. He was in bed most of the day, Monday. So, as we all know, this means patient #2 for mom. Daddy got to be sick with Baby K , share  tissues and juice and hang out watchin Nick Jr. (now I'm jealous!)

So now Baby K is feeling better.. running around and laughing and giggling. ( I cant get enough of those giggles!) Instead of hugging and holding, she has gone back to her independent self and is on her way...

Daddy is better, but not yet back to himself. Maybe a few more grilled cheese sandwiches and soup from momma will do the trick....?

Now Mommy needs to clean, sanitized and disinfect the house.. yay more work for me. On a positive note, I did get a full nights sleep last nght :)

So who takes over when mom gets sick? Will somebody fill me in please......

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