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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Did I mention that I'm a clean freak?

I don't know what it is but the smell of Clorox or Lysol just makes me smile...

I'm a neat freak, I admit it. That's not a bad thing, right? Well,.. not until you have a child... All the way up until I gave birth, I cleaned. After, was a different story. Well right after she was born anyway.. Between healing from the C-section, and lack of sleep from feedings every two hours, I had no energy for cleaning. I think maybe I was hoping for that little cleaning fairy to come along and take care of the mess.. (you know that one we all hear about but never get a visit from).  I was lucky though, I had my mom who came over and did laundry so hubby could have clean undies. (thanks mom!)

As thankful as I was for the help I got.. being a neat freak, the little things drove me insane. Like for example the laundry, things were folded,.. umm lets just be nice and say, "different" than I normally do. (of course I had to refold everything before putting away) I actually had little arguments in my head.. "what is she doing? why is she doing it that way? That doesn't go there... Oh my God... Did she just put that there?? I think I had little heart attacks, but I kept it all to myself of course...because I was thankful.

Things got easier to manage and I was able to do more and get more accomplished on my own (translation-- I never slept when Baby K slept like I was suppose to, instead I cleaned, cooked, organized.. until I just couldn't stand any longer)

Things are easier now too with her being older..

Except I see me turning her into a mini "me"... the other day she accidental spilled her snack and she made this "ughhh!" noise and had a look of disgust to see that she had made such a mess! Then as she leaned down to pick them up she accidental stepped on one of the cheerios crushing it into the carpet.. She made and even louder and longer "UGHHHH". Then trying to clean up all of those itsy bitsy pieces, she accidentally stepped on another one.. then she cried.

I know, I feel your frustration BabyK.

What surprised me even more is she then walked to the closet that holds the vacuum cleaner and made the noise the vacuum makes as she tried to open the door!

Yep,That's my little angel :)

I don't think its such a bad trait to pick up on. As long as she doesn't go OCD on me. I feel a great sense of pride when I look around and see our clean house.  I can only hope that this trend continues into her teenage years!


  1. That is cute! I wish my almost 2 year old would do that on her own... we are just now teaching her to pick up her toys, maybe if I clean up when she is awake and not sleeping she may pick up on it too.
    If you were to have a repeat c-section you'll be worse than last time, my husband yelled at me a lot this time because I felt that I could do more :)

  2. Oooh I'm jealous. My baby just loves to throw stuff on the floor! He definitely takes after this father. :)


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