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Monday, October 24, 2011

Google Queen....

So its  been kind of a joke around our house that I am THE "Google Queen".

I can't help it... I'm an addict. Guilty.

When I want to know how to make something, I Google it.. when I wonder how much something cost, I Google it. And, I have to admit.. when it comes to raising Baby K, I run to Google.. ALOT. :)

I remember someone told me when she was just a few months old "Oh you shouldn't give her a bath everyday, its not healthy" I Googled. Turns out, it can cause dry skin on some babies. Not my little one, thank goodness! (I'm a clean freak, remember?)

When everyone was asking if she was rolling over and crawling.. I was Googling to see if she was where she needed to be developmentally. I checked to see if she was teething late. I wondered if she was sleeping enough. I searched to see if she was late walking, if she should be saying more words. I know better now.. babies all go at their own pace.. there is no "right" or "wrong" timeline.

I think maybe I just need reassurance sometimes. To know that the choices I'm making are good, and normal, and that other moms are doing the same and having similar results.

Now, I am by no means trusting everything that I read online, nor am I depending on my Google results to answer all my questions.

Being a new mom is tough, and you only get to do it once... so I suppose I'm just looking for words of wisdom to guide me in the right direction.  So far we don't plan on having a little brother or sister for Baby K so I need to get this right, LOL!

My cell phone has GOOGLE on my home page so it's at my fingertips everyday :) and of course I use today, I searched "toddler constipation/red bottom" just to see if the diaper ointment I was using was the best for the job...

and, I was shocked that I was not using the best!

Google has been there for me for removing spaghetti stains from bibs, to bedtime routines and I will continue to do my daily searches as needed....

Maybe I just need more friends! Then I could just ask my questions to a real human being. :) But for now, Google you are my forever friend!


  1. Love google too. I don't think I can go one day without it. What did they ever do before google? Lol

  2. I agree Melissa, I would be lost without it!


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