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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting organized

Ok so I admit, I am learning this whole parenting thing, day by day. Now if you remember I am some what of a neat freak ( ok, not just "some what",  I AM  a neat freak). And as Baby K started to accumulate more than a handful of rattles and teething toys, and as she got older and got larger toys, I ran out to Target and bought us a cutesy leather storage box to hold her toys.

It was perfect! It fit all the toys neatly inside, and matched our living room. It blended in so well that once Baby K was in bed, you had no idea it was a toy box, or even that we had a kid in the house. Like I said, perfect!

Now those of you that know where this is going, you can stop smirking.. I'm learning day by day...

So, as she got older, actually once her first birthday came, this cutesy little box did NOT fit all of those toys! We had a filled box, and some over spill. But still,... it was neatly contained in its own corner.

I am proud that we do not spoil her with new toys weekly or monthly even. She occasionally will get something new. I am hoping this teaches her to appreciate what she has. 

Where was I? oh yes... the toys...

So then comes Christmas. 


Not only did we go visit family in Maryland and bring back a truck full of new toys, Baby K still had her gifts from 'Santa' once we got back. AND still received gifts in the mail from numerous out of town family ( Thank you :)).

Needless to say, our house has been looking like Toys R Us exploded.

Ask me how well this works with a neat freak of a mom.

Ok so I had to be the  Google Queen that I am and look online for some solutions to this chaois!

I found some really cool ones...

But in the end, this is what I decided on.....

I love it! She does too.. she plays in her room more and enjoys searching thru the bins looking for toys she hasn't seen in a while!

Now this Neat Freak of a Mom is feeling much better!

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