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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hey Neighbor!

Is it too much to ask to have friendly neighbors? And I don't mean come over for coffee neighbors ( although that would be nice too..), I just mean a neighbor that will wave or speak when you are in sight. It's not abnormal to go arrive home and see my neighbors next door out in their driveway or front yard, and stare them down awaiting eye contact so I can send a wave of hello, only to have them continue on as if they do not see me.

Ok, fine you didn't see me,  or hear my car, but I know you hear my kid screaming to get out. or better yet, you see her running in your yard and then me running after her...but nope, no wave, no glance, nada.

Ok so lets back up,,, these neighbors moved in the weekend Baby K was born. We got home from the hospital and had new neighbors. My hubby, the social butterfly that he is, went over and said hi and introduced himself. He came back and reported their names and what they do for a living. Over the past year, we have been neighbors. That's it. We just live next door to each other.

It aggravates the heck outta me!

My hubby pays it no mind.

I don't know what the big deal is, I mean I am not looking to be best friends or anything, I just think its insane that they don't say hello.

I keep telling my hubby I'm going to start being obnoxious and just yell out "HEY NEIGHBOR!!"  and be a little extra annoying  , just for giggles of course...

Maybe I just got spoiled with the previous owners of the house.. they were always running over to say hello or coming to the back fence to meet the dogs...

I guess it could be worse, they are clean, neat, and don't make too much noise ( except when they fight and call the cops on themselves, though that was just once...).

I guess I'll just keep dreaming of the neighbors I want... and until then, its gona be "HEY NEIGHBOR!"

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  1. "Spoiled by your old neighbors"...*sigh* Your old neighbors were spoiled by you, too! :) ~T


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