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Monday, November 7, 2011

Capital "A" for Attitude!

Is it possible for a child who is only 14 months old to have attitude?? I swear, Baby K, its a good thing you crack me up with your cuteness.

I don't know what has gotten into her, but she is going thru this 'phase' ( at least I hope its just a phase...). She will go to touch something, and know good and well that momma and daddy have told her a million times "ahh ahh", or "No, no.. don't touch",..... and with those beautiful blue eyes, she will look at me as if to say "watch me touch this".

And then.. to top it off, when I take what ever forbidden object from her, she will swat at me! As if to say, "if I can't touch it, neither can you!"

We are working on this in our house. I've heard advise such as- " just ignore it and she will stop doing it." So I tried this. My results?? still waiting for her to stop. But, I will say she doesn't do it all the time.

My mother, and hubby, suggest a light tap on the hand to show her she is wrong. I have a hard time with this one... I mean how can I teach her to stop hitting me, or I will hit her?? She's pretty smart too. So either she doesn't get that this is discipline, or.. its a game and we just keep hitting each other.

Yesterday, my sweet Baby K took things to a whole new level. I was scolding her for stepping on her books, and telling her its not nice to treat books this way (with my scowl face & serious voice). And even though I don't speak baby babble, I swear she was talking back to me! She had the fore head wrinkle and the finger pointing, the whole nine yards! I couldn't help but chuckle....

Then I started thinking about how babies mimic what they see.. and I thought OMG is that how I look to her when I am telling her not to do something?? and so I had to chuckle some more....

Her personality is really coming out now. Everyday with her is so much fun.

I think this ATTITUDE is a test for us.

To see how far she can get...

Not far Baby K, I am on to you :)


  1. nice blog!!! new follower from MBC!!!

  2. Thanks so much! keep reading and keep commenting :)


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