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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Calgon Take me away...............

Ok so, I'm having one of those days.. you know the ones that make you feel like you are running in place and getting no where fast?

Call it PMS if you like ( my hubby does), but I am just stressed, frazzled, mad, sad, frustrated and irritated.. ALL at the same time!!! I don't really know why either.

well, it could be the things I have to get done for work, the laundry and cleaning that need to be done, or  the fact that I still have no idea what I'm making for dinner.
Maybe its that Christmas is in 7 weeks and 3 days and I have only bought 2 tiny things.?
OR  that Thanksgiving, which is at our house this year, is fast approaching and I have no plans in place for dinner. 
Maybe its that I have been thinking of going back to school and can't imagine how in the H#!* I am going to be able to juggle that.

What ever it is, I am ready for this day to be over with!

Maybe I need to just deal with things one at a time.. make a list ( I make list for EVERYthing).
I don't know what it is but making list not only helps  me get things done, it also clams me. ( I know I'm weird)

So I guess I'll start my list with Thanksgiving Dinner:

  1. Turkey (duh, cant have Thanksgiving with out this!)
  2. mashed potatoes
  3. yams (with marshmallows of course!)
  4. Green bean casserole
  5. deviled eggs
  6. cranberry sauce ( no one eats this except my mom, yuck! but it looks nice on the table)
  7. dinner rolls
  8. pumpkin pie ( I hate it, but its traditional)
  9. apple pie ( my fav )
  10. gravy ( Oh my gosh, I almost forgot the gravy!!)

ok now I'm hungry.

Based on the list above, I need to go shopping.

Speaking of shopping.. I guess I need to move on to the Christmas list.

People  I need to shop for:

  1. Baby K ( of course!)
  2. hubby (I have no clue what to get him)
  3. my mom
  4. my sister n law (we draw names in our family for the adults and my husband got her)
  5. my brother n law ( I got him in the drawing)
  6. My Niece age 3 ( Tinkerbell anything)
  7. my niece age 9 months (something she can chew on)
  8. my sister ( her birthday is Christmas eve)
  9. my babysitter ( and her 5 kids, yes I said 5)
  10. My step daughter from my ex-boyfriend long ago ( long and complicated but we still are in contact)
  11. my nephews in TX

Ok, I know I said usually making a list helps calm me.....

but right now, I am overwhelmed but what is listed on the 2 list above!! And I haven't even unloaded the dryer yet!!!

Maybe later, after dinner ( still have no idea what that is), and after Baby K has had her bath and read to and is down for bed. After I clean the kitchen from what ever it is I make for dinner. And after I get the diaper bag ready for Baby K for tomorrow. And,.. after I get a shower.....

IF I am not too tired.

maybe, just maybe...

I will pour myself a glass of wine and relax a little.


  1. Maybe you are thinking ahead to much? maybe try and let things go...just a little. I haven't even thought of thanksgiving or Christmas yet but, then again, I don't host them. I just pack up the family and go to the parents or in-laws (not to rub it in :)

  2. NJ HOUSEWIFE- me? let things fo a little? pre- planning is just part of my nature... Good for you enjoying holidays at the parents!!


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