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Friday, October 28, 2011

Freaky Friday

So glad today is Friday!! Not that I have anything exciting planned this weekend... Just the usual grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry.

Wait!!? Why am I glad its Friday then? Ok, ok you got me, I AM a clean freak. But that doesn't mean I get excited or motivated to do any of the above..

Its the weekend before Halloween, so I can expect chaos at any retail store... boy am I glad I ordered Baby K's costume online.. (still keeping this cuteness a surprise, but promise to post pictures)

So I was thinking maybe after I finish my "chores" I might be up for a movie. I haven't seen the original Halloween advertise yet.. remember the one with Michael Myers who escapes from a mental hospital to look for his sister?  The original one was pretty good... the sequels kinda sucked. Why do they ruin a movie and keep making sequels?

The remake of this from Rob Zombie was pretty good too. I  hope its on this weekend.

OOOhhh and I hope we didn't miss the classic Charlie Brown "The Great Pumpkin"! I may have just made the horrible moms list if I did.. Good think she's only 1!
Speaking of horrible moms list.. I have a confession. I decided NOT to carve our pumpkin this year. Hey! At least I got one! Why do you ask, did I not want to carve it?

ok, well first off-- its been like 75-80° here the last few weeks and I didn't want it to shrivel up before Monday.

Second- its very windy (all the time) where we live so the candle wouldn't stay lit anyway...

and third.. well.. Its just so darn... messy. (HELLO- I am a clean freak!) I know this is some think I need to get over in the years to come.. but for now... we just have a big, beautiful pumpkin on our front steps. And she loves it just the same. Next year, I need to be prepared because she will probably begin to notice that it is suppose to have eyes, nose and mouth cut out... I promise to work on that.

Cross my heart.

Ok so what does the rest of the world have planned?  Go ahead make me jealous.. tell me about your Halloween parties, and designing your costumes and such..


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